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Interview: Daisychain, Pandemics, and Cancelled Plans

With the news changing by the minute and country on the verge of a potential lockdown as a result of the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, we thought it would be a good time to reach out to a local band to learn how this will impact their Spring. Daisychain is the Garage Rock of Sophia Williams, Nickole Regala, Frankie Sripada, and Victor Martinez. They have spent the few years performing around the city and Midwest while working on their debut EP which is due on May 2nd.

They had been planning to head out on their Tweak'd Tour, starting on April 2nd, to spend a month finding new audiences and ramping up to their EP release at Cole's on May 2nd. Now everything is either cancelled or soon to be, and we took the chance to talk with Sophie about how this is impacting Daisychain.

The Deli (TD): Has the upcoming Tweak'd Tour been cancelled or postponed?
Sophie Williams (SW): All the closures have definitely been affecting our April tour status. Some venues have already cancelled events, and we are anticipating that most, if not all venues will postpone or reschedule the shows.

TD: How much time went into planning the tour?
SW: We are pretty bummed; we’ve been planning this tour for the past four months and have spent countless hours reaching out to venues, bands, magazines and blogs.

TD: As a primarily touring band, how do you see the virus and our state's response impacting your year and future plans?
SW: These cancellations will definitely affect our plans for the upcoming year; the tentative April TWEAK’D tour would have been our first time to the East Coast. We were hoping to get exposure in a different part of the country that we have not yet toured. We invested in merchandise that we were hoping to sell on tour.

We are planning to reschedule any cancelled shows and plan to tour throughout the rest of the year to new cities and regions. We are currently planning a southern USA tour in July and have high hopes for a successful tour.

As of right now, March 18th, you can help Sophie and Daisychain celebrate the release of their debut EP on May 2nd at Cole's Bar.


From the Submissions: Moon Sand Land's "The Duality of Man"

Evenhandedness is the name of the game for New York songwriter Jason Ross. Under the handle Moon Sand Land he impressionistically charts life’s various ups and downs on split EP The Duality of Man, letting recollections of the oceanside views, secret-sharing, and afternoon trysts fall out his mouth in a signature, exasperated drawl while leading a lofi cadre of collaborators in garage rock unison. In line with the EP’s title, there’s an impeccable balance that permeates this project’s duration — the oftentimes frustrated nature of Ross’s emotive vox is cut with the brightness of his instrumental backing, a pleasant blend of shimmering 90s electric guitars and progressive, exciting song structures, which keeps this extended play interesting throughout its four tracks. Give this submission a stream below.


Rookie "Hold On Tight"

Rookie has released a second single and the opening track, "Hold on Tight", from their forthcoming self-titled debut album. The album is set to be released on March 13th via Bloodshot Records.

ROOKIE is Joe Bordenaro, Kevin Decker, Christopher Devlin, Max Loebman, Dimitri Panoutsos, and Justin Bell.

You can catch Rookie on March 13th at Empty Bottle with Girl K and Tobacco City.


PowerSlut prepares for leap day record-release show at ONCE Ballroom

Leap day is right around the corner, and we got a great way to amplify your excitement for it: PowerSlut’s upcoming record Fun With Junk. The Boston-based group is releasing the record on the additional day this month, and what is previewed already is quite the garage-rock treat. Songs like “Limits” with their fuzzy guitar leads, burrowed power basslines, and the tastefully bright lead vocals of Linnea Herzog are a welcomed blend of punk’s aggressive attitude with indie rock’s instrumental finesse. “Summer Condo (feat. Erica Mantone)” is a groovier tune that feels as funky as it does dangerously rock ‘n’ roll. “Double B-Day” is tougher, grittier, with instrumental breakdowns that are elegantly destructive. With this much variety, how can one not be pumped for the record release show at ONCE on leap day? Stream “Double B-Day” below for a taste of the celebration to come. - Rene Cobar



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